Shadow Tanto Knife


The tanto is a top blade choice for elite military units and emergency personnel around the world.

The problem with some knives is that the blade tip can break off easily. But this lethal fighting blade was designed to be 100% reliable in any situation.

Its razor-sharp tip was specifically designed to pierce through armor. The tough blade can handle tasks you might hesitate to perform with regular survival knives.

You can rely on it for everyday duties like opening boxes, and even gutting and butchering game.

And it can slice through even heavy material like a warm knife through butter. Just take a look at this.

But it also pierces hard materials without tip breakage, thanks to the twin tip-angles on the blade that form the Tanto point.

In fact, the design was specifically created for maximum penetration of hard objects (think body armor or even metal objects like a car door).

Translation: It’s perfect for self-defense.

Because no matter what situation you’re in or what arsenal you carry…

You need a close-range weapon for self-defense.

And I don’t know about you, but if a Tanto knife is good enough for Navy SEALs and Special Forces, then it’s good enough for the rest of us.

Here are just a few more highlights of the Tanto knife:

  • At just 4.5 inches folded, you can easily keep it in your pants or jacket pocket… leave one on the center console of your car (I highly recommend this)… or slip it into any of the pockets in your bug out bag.
  • The blade quickly flicks open to its locked, fighting position thanks to dual thumb studs.
  • The solid frame has a handy finger groove built in so that your grip is always strong no matter how wet, sweaty, or bloody your hands are.
  • ​Keep it firmly in place with its rugged pocket clip so that you know exactly where to reach for it at all times.
  • ​That Tanto blade point is extremely strong, so no matter what stabbing and slashing techniques you use, there is little risk of bending or breaking it.

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