Spy Blade XL


This blade’s unique curved design comes from the ancient kukri knives made famous by Nepal’s fearsome Gurkha warriors.

It’s so powerful – and so potentially lethal – that it’s not for everyone. But, if you’re looking for one of the best survival weapons out there, this is it.

The blade is made of military-grade 3Cr13 stainless steel. It will not rust, corrode or tarnish.

Plus, this is a “full tang” knife. The metal runs all the way through – from the tip to the handle tang, so it won’t come apart, period.

And the back of the blade has a double-bladed saw. You can saw through limbs, logs, or trees, whatever the situation demands.

The Spy Blade XL also comes with a serrated handle and hammer and can be used for blunt force operations.

Yet, it gets even better, because the Spy Blade XL can also break glass in any emergency. Simply give a quick punch, and boom, you’re free.

And while I always recommend you have a gun as your primary self-defense weapon...

You always need a backup option, because when someone is rushing towards you, you may not have time to draw your firearm.

That’s when having the Spy Blade XL is critical to your survival.

The overall size, weight and the curved blade gives you a unique advantage that not even the best so-called “tactical knife” possesses.

And it’s small enough that anyone can wield it with ease, yet powerful enough to quickly neutralize an attacker.

Plus, it’s lightweight, easy to swing or stab, and extremely lethal.

So, you can use this knife even if you’re disabled, suffer with arthritis, or no longer possess the physical strength you once had.

The bottom line: The Spy Blade XL can accomplish everything from chopping down trees… to chopping down attackers.

Here’s the best part:

To ensure you know how to properly use the Spy Blade XL in a crisis, I’m going to give you FREE instant online access to our training video called, The Fighting Spy Blade…

In this exclusive video, you’ll discover knife defense secrets reserved by some of the deadliest and most dangerous special forces soldiers around, including:

  • The FIRST move you MUST make to protect yourself from any knife or gun attack. The scary part is, most people's natural instincts put them in even MORE danger.
  • A simple, yet highly effective way to “go full-speed” and test your knife defense skills—WITHOUT putting you or your partner in danger. TIP: This is a 100% safe way to practice with your kids or spouse so they’re prepared when you’re not around.
  • The #1 way to escape a vicious knife attack even if you’re completely unarmed and can’t get to your Spy Blade.
  • Deadly finishing Spy Blade blows in case you ever find yourself in a life or death situation with NO easy escape.
  • What to do if an attacker is too close to chop or slice with your Spy Blade. This attack alone will send even the largest attack crashing to his knees.
  • ​4 deadly strikes to take down even the most dangerous attacker in one swift blow. And how to master them with ease.
  • ​The weird “practice exercise” that engrains these valuable self-defense moves into your brain 10x faster.
  • ​Plus, other covert moves special force soldiers use in order to survive when their life is at risk, behind enemy lines.

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