Premium Breakfast And Fruit Survival Kit


Every meal matters in a crisis, which is why you want to start the day with this delicious breakfast and fruit survival food kit. The breakfast and fruit kit gives you 60 meals that are packaged with high-quality pouches, just like our other food. This kit includes, 7 Grain Cereal with Flax, Apple Cinnamon Grits, Blueberry Oatmeal, Cracked 9 Grain Mix, Rolled Oats, Brown Sugar Oatmeal, Nut Crunch Breakfast Mix, Nonfat Powdered Milk & Sugar Packet.

This comes in family sized packages and is Soy Free, GMO Free, MSG Free, No additives, preservatives or food coloring, No Trans fats, Made in USA. This food has a 30-year shelf life when stored in proper conditions. 

To see why our survival food is the best on the planet and to watch the shocking “flashlight test” and “durability test” videos, visit

“Love the Survival Food! I like the idea that the pouches are resealable, unlike some other companies, so you don't have to use all of it at once. The meals taste awesome! I have not received one complaint from family or friends who have tried them either.” ~Brian C.

“This is without a doubt, not only as good or better than you have claimed, but leaps and bounds beyond any other brand that I've ever seen before. The quality of the food, the portion sizes, the lack of unnecessary sodium and it's superior packaging are far beyond what I have encountered with any other brand. You've again exceeded my expectations Jason and I'll be recommending this kit to all of my family, friends and neighbors.” ~Steve T.

“I purchased one kit of Jason's survival food several years ago figuring I would never use it, but it sounded like a good idea just in case. I live alone at well over 70 years old and recently found it difficult to get out grocery shopping. Naturally, the inevitable happened and I was soon without anything to eat for lunch but saw the years old untouched forgotten pack of Spy and Survival food stashed in one corner. Hesitatingly, I opened one package expecting the worst. Much to my delight I found it to be several delicious, wholesome meals and definitely an upgrade to my usual lunch. I am now finishing up my old stash and have recently ordered another kit to have it handy. This food far exceeds all expectations.”~ Don C.