Premium Soups & Stews Food Kit


The Premium Soups & Stews Kit gives you 65 delicious meals that are packaged in high-quality pouches, just like our other food. This Premium Soups & Stews Kit includes, Beef & Barley Stew, Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup, Harvest Chicken & Rice Stew, Hearty Turkey Stew, Chicken Noodle Soup, Lentil Stew, Cajun Pastalaya and Santa Fe Chicken Stew.

This comes in family sized packages and is Soy Free, GMO Free, MSG Free, No additives, preservatives or food coloring, No Trans fats, Made in USA. This food has a 30-year shelf life when stored in proper conditions.  

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“Your survival food is the only one to buy for short or long-term emergencies. You provide the most calories which is needed in an emergency situation, and the flavor is five stars. Keep up the good work...” ~Jim G. 

“Top quality, great taste, easy to store. Good selection of meals, the guarantee makes it a no brainer. It gets no better than this for long term emergency food or a quick meal just because!”~Craig M. 

“I ordered some of the Survival Food kits for emergency use at a mountain cabin that often gets snowed in. Thought that I better taste some before we actually needed it.You know what? It actually tastes good! I find myself making meals when I am just lazy about cooking.”~Charles T.