Premium 64 Meal Kit


Get the original and famous 64-meal survival food kit that started it all. This contains a total of 64 prepared servings per kit. Each kit is only $249 - or just $3.89 per serving for this premium survival food. The meals in this kit include Beef Skillet Dinner, Cajun Rice and Beans, Italian, Pasta Marinara, Southwest Chicken and Rice, BBQ Beef Meal, Taco Rice Skillet, Goulash, and Caribbean Rice and Beans.

This comes in family sized packages and is Soy Free, GMO Free, MSG Free, No additives, preservatives or food coloring, No Trans fats, Made in USA. This food has a 30-year shelf life when stored in proper conditions.

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“I have ordered Premium Survival Food 3 times. The huge difference between this and a couple of competitors is that Jason provides you with a variety of meals, not servings of white rice, oatmeal, or powder milk and calling it a meal.” ~Tom C. 

“I bought some of the survival food that you stock and was very impressed. This is my first experience in trying this type of food… Good quality packaging and the taste was exceptional. I will be ordering more in the future.” ~ Mark D. 

These survival kits are wonderful. I bought 5 kits for all my family’s homes for an xmas present… Where we live is very remote and close to the Appalachian Mountains. So, we have a chance of survival! ~Patrick W.